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This firm began in Fort George in 1914, when Mr. Peter E. Wilson, formerly the judge of the county court of East Kootenay, arrived in the north in the days of the construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.

Since then the firm has developed as follows:

1914 Peter E. Wilson
1922 Wilson & Wilson
1939 P.E. Wilson, K.C.
1946 Wilson & King
1950 Wilson, King & Fretwell
1959 Wilson, King, Fretwell & Baldwin
1962 Wilson, King & Baldwin
1965 Wilson, King, Baldwin & Scott
1965 Wilson, King, Baldwin, Wilson, Scott & Roberts
1968 Wilson, King & Company

  • Portraits of Cariboo County Court chief judges were presented to the Cariboo Bar Association. Judge Stuart McMorran (left) holds a picture of Judge William Russell Kennedy. Former B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice J.O. Wilson (right) holds a picture of Mathew Baillie Begbie, the first judge appointed. In the centre is Prince George lawyer Hub King, one of the founders of the association and the lawyer who's been practicing longest in the city.

  • One of the youngest judges ever to take his place on the B.C. Supreme Court bench, Mr. Justice John Owen Wilson was sworn in by the senior member of that court Mr. Justice A.M. Manson. On the right is Mrs. Wilson who viewed the ceremony.

  • Photo of Peter Wilson taken June 5, 1944.

  • Photo of Wilson King offices located at 3rd Avenue and Dominion taken in 1959.


In 1914 the first office of P.E. Wilson Law Firm was located on the second floor of a building at the corner of George Street and Fourth Avenue.

In the 1950's and early 1960's the Wilson & King Law firm was located on the second floor of a building located at the corner of Dominion Street and Third Avenue. From 1966 to 1976 the firm of Wilson King was located on the second and third floors of a building at the corner of Victoria Street and Fourth Avenue. Since 1977 the firm of Wilson King has maintained offices on the 10th floor of the building located at the corner of Victoria Street and Third Avenue.

Throughout its history our Law Firm has been located at or near the center of Prince George's financial district and only blocks from the Supreme and Provincial Courts, and other government offices.

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